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Reading Comprehension
Volume 4, Number 18, January 25, 1999

Read the selection without stopping to choose the correct missing words. Then read it again, pausing to underline the correct words. Finally, read the selection again to see if it makes sense.


Eggs are my favorite food. I like them fried, hard- boiled, scrambled, or poached. I eat eggs for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I eat eggs here, there, and everywhere!
Eggs taste great. You can eat them by themselves or as part of any meal. Eggs are also used as an __1__ in many prepared foods. Can you think of any foods that contain __2__?
Eggs are really a perfect food. They are __3__ in most of the nutrients we need to maintain good __4__. When a baby chicken develops __5__ an egg, the egg __6__ and yolk are the only foods they need.
Many people believe that eggs are __7__. They point out that eggs contain a very high amount of cholesterol. Too much of one kind of cholesterol in our blood can cause heart disease and strokes.
There is no evidence that eggs raise the harmful cholesterol in our blood. When we eat foods that are __8__ in cholesterol, our bodies make __9__ of it to compensate, or adjust.
If you want to enjoy a tasty and healthy food, eat plenty of __10__.





1. accident oval apple ingredient
2. flour milk vitamins eggs
3. rich lacking found hiding
4. habits health deeds luck
5. near inside under outside
6. beaters white shell roll
7. expensive healthy unhealthy scrambled
8. high low down flavored
9. more less fun pickles
10. grains chicken cookies eggs


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