RHL School

Reading Comprehension
Volume 4, Number 9, November 2, 1998

Use the context and the rhyming pattern to help you supply the missing words.

Old Man John

Old Man John is a crazy old guy.
He might play golf
when the moon is high.
He might play golf
when the moon is low.
He will play golf
in a foot of _______.

Old Man John keeps money in a box,
but he mostly buys
a bunch of stocks.
He drives a car
that is not quite new,
It’s held together
with Crazy _______.

Old Man John doesn’t want a wife.
He says, “No woman
will rule my life!”
Old Man John
doesn’t have a cat,
but he says,
“I might just go for _______!”

Old Man John doesn’t have much hair.
He cuts it short
and he doesn’t care.
His top’s not plain
for the fur it lacks;
He makes it shine
with candle _______.

Old man John, he is strange but true.
He’s always there
with a hand for you.
He’s always there
with an ear to lend.
Yes, Old Man John
is a real good _______!

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