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Reading Comprehension
Volume 4, Number 11, November 16, 1998

Word Meanings From Context


You can often figure out what a word means by the way it’s used in the passage. Use the context to decide what each highlighted word means.

1. There are many misconceptions about older people. Many people just don’t realize that you can have a healthy and active life well into your eighties and beyond.

a. health problems
b. gray hairs
c. wrong ideas
d. nursing homes

2. The new governor had a lot of problems to contend with. He worked hard and was able to improve things greatly.

a. claim
b. deal
c. read
d. say it’s not true

3. We are hoping to build a huge new library for our school. We can only do it if we can figure out a way to get more tax revenues or money from some other sources.

a. collectors
b. cuts
c. money coming in
d. something that turns

4. I know that the football team had a losing season. There are a lot of things wrong with this school’s sports program that have been getting worse for years. There are many people who have made mistakes.
Coach Jones has done a good job, considering what he had to deal with. Firing him after his first season is wrong. He’s just a scapegoat!

a. someone who is not good at doing something even though he tries hard
b. someone who gets all the blame for the wrong doing of others
c. someone who really wants to do something well
d. a teacher or coach of sports


5. I see her smiling visage in my dreams. Her hazel eyes are looking at me with affection.

a. television
b. dog
c. nightmare
d. face



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