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Reading Comprehension
Volume 4, Number 26, March 29, 1999


Look at our world
As it smiles like a baby,
Reaching for treasures
That Nature revives.
This is the time
That brings joy beyond measure,
Sweet as the memories
That fashion our lives.

Listen for sounds
That were frozen in winter,
Whispering soft
As a kiss on your hair.
Nature’s reborn
And her warmth brings such pleasure,
Sweet as the memories
That we used to share.

Feel the new sun
And the breeze he created.
Feel the wet earth
As it swallows the snow.
Pause to decipher
A message unstated,
Sweet as the memories
Of days long ago.





For Discussion:

1. Which of the five senses are referred to in the poem?

2. What are some of the words or phrases the author uses to describe spring?

3. What kind of a mood or moods does the poem create? What words or phrases does the author use to evoke the reader’s feelings?



Copyright 1999 RHL

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