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Reading Comprehension
Volume 4, Number 10, November 9, 1998

Word Meanings From Context


You can often figure out what a word means by the way it’s used in the passage. Use the context to decide what each highlighted word means.

1. You apparently weren’t listening to the directions. If you had listened, you would never have made such a mistake.

a. like a parent
b. in a way that is easily seen
c. as if one is wearing clothes
d. in a nice way

2. Most wild cats are solitary, living alone most of the time. Lions, however, are quite gregarious. They live in large family groups called prides.

a. able to hunt well
b. large and strong
c. liking to have the company of others
d. able to adapt to changing temperatures

3. I don’t believe in astrology. You may call it a science, but I call it a pseudo science.

a. ancient
b. difficult to understand
c. college level
d. fake

4. No matter what I did, my toes would always hurt. When he couldn’t figure out what caused the problem, our family doctor sent me to a podiatrist.

a. a foot doctor
b. a shoe salesman
c. a brain surgeon
d. a bicycle shop

5. I hope we can still get freon for this old car. I’d hate to drive it in the summer if we don’t.

a. a chemical that you add to gasoline to get more miles per gallon
b. a kind of ice scraper
c. free snow tires
d. a gas that is used in some air conditioners

6. You don’t need prenatal care if you are not going to have a baby.

a. for the teeth
b. before birth
c. loving
d. medical

7. We mailed 100 letters to people asking them if they thought taxes were too high, too low, or just right. Only ten of the eighty-two respondents said that taxes were just right or too low.

a. complainers
b. voters
c. those who answer a question
d. those who do not like change

8. Diane didn’t feel like mingling with the other guests, so she sat by herself in the kitchen.

a. mixing
b. inviting
c. snoring
d. arriving


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