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Reading Comprehension
Volume 4, Number 35, June 7, 1999

Read the selection without stopping to choose the correct missing words. Then read it again, pausing to underline the correct words. Finally, read the selection again to see if it makes sense.

The Splat Bug, Part III

After breakfast, Tremor ran out to play. Sometimes the young troll enjoyed playing by himself. Tremor, who was very good at math, counted burps as he ran around the yard. After all, a good breakfast should do more than just help you grow strong. Unfortunately, Tremor lost count somewhere after five hundred.
Next, Tremor lay down on the lawn and __1__ to be swimming. This was an enjoyable pastime until he tried to put his head underwater.
Tremor shook his head and laughed at his own __2__. He wondered what he should __3__ next. Addressing no one in particular, he said, “I think I’ll....” Tremor’s short monologue was __4__ when something caught his attention. At the edge of the lawn, about five feet away, he saw a little purple something. Tremor ran over to confirm what he had already __5__. It __6__ a splat bug!
Tremor decided to __7__ the little creature to see where it would go. Yes, the “normal” thing would be to step on it right away. Tremor really didn’t want to step on the funny looking little bug. He __8__ that there would be no harm in waiting awhile. His new game would be: Follow the Splat Bug.
The splat bug left the lawn and headed into the adjacent woods. Perhaps, Tremor thought, he could __9__ where the little creature lived. An adventure of __10__ was something that Tremor Troll could not resist.





1. asked soaked bothered pretended
2. friend plans feet foolishness
3. sing cry draw play
4. extended started interrupted enjoyed
5. doubted guessed proven eaten
6. saw heard were was
7. stomp follow capture ignore
8. figured forgot heard hated
9. learn remember no pancake
10. television fear discovery reptiles


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