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Volume 4, Number 12, November 30, 1998

Amy’s Political Career

Chapter Four

“If it rings one more time, I’ll hang up,” Amy thought hopefully, as she waited for someone to answer. Apologizing wasn’t an easy thing to do.
“Hello,” a woman’s voice said. There was no backing out now.
“May I speak to Missy, please?”
“Just a minute.”
In much less than a minute, Missy was on the phone. “Hi, who’s calling?” asked the cheerful voice.
“It’s Amy. I just wanted to tell you that I’m sorry about what I said to you. I didn’t really mean it.” Amy paused, trying to think of what to say next.
“Thank you, Amy. No hard feelings.”
“Missy, you’re a very nice person. You’re a lot nicer than I am!”
Missy laughed. “You’re not so bad, Amy. By the way, I’ve got some great news. Mr. Grumbell said that you were the only candidate for class president. He talked me into being a candidate too. Isn’t that cool?”
Amy didn’t think the news was cool. Missy was very popular; she’d get a lot of votes. Fortunately, Amy was in a gracious mood. “You’ll be a tough opponent, Missy,” she said. “May the best woman win.”
“Thanks, Amy,” Missy replied. “But you might even win.”
Amy had to laugh. “Hey, I’m the one who’s supposed to make comments like that!”

1. Amy called Missy on the phone to _______________.

a. tell her that the Titanic sank
b. tell her she needed a brain
c. apologize for insulting her
d. ask her to run for president

2. Amy was hoping that no one would answer the phone because ______________.

a. she was too tired to talk
b. she felt uncomfortable about apologizing
c. she was afraid she had dialed the wrong number
d. she was wearing pajamas

3. If one of the following statements is true, which is it?

a. Missy was home alone.
b. Missy’s mother answered the phone.
c. Missy’s father answered the phone.
d. Missy's’s little sister answered the phone.

4. Which word best describes the girls’ conversation.

a. nasty
b. uncomfortable
c. sad
d. friendly

5. Missy let Amy know that she wanted something that Amy wanted. What was it?

a. She wanted to have the most friends.
b. She wanted her own telephone.
c. She wanted mushrooms on her pizza.
d. She wanted to be class president.


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