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Reading Comprehension
Volume 4, Number 24, March 15, 1999

Word Meanings From Context

Use the context to help you choose the correct meaning of each underlined word.


1. A copyright gives the creator of a work of writing or art an exclusive right to use it as he sees fit. No one else may copy it or use it for commercial gain without the copyright holder’s permission.

a. just for one
b. costing a lot of money
c. interesting
d. printed on paper

2. Mary was leaning toward staying out of the campaign for class president. However, when Dennis questioned her honesty, she resolved to enter the race and beat him badly.

a. became part of a liquid
b. moved around an object
c. made a decision
d. became very angry

3. Chad used to be a strong supporter of trying to educate criminals and give them another chance to be free. He always reminded everyone that no one is all bad. Now he has changed his view, and feels that some individuals are so malevolent that they should never be released from prison.

a. clumsy
b. unable to sing
c. grumpy
d. evil

4. The teacher was not pleased with Meghanne’s recalcitrant behavior. He told her parents that he couldn’t remember one time when she had cooperated and that she refused to follow the most simple directions.

a. stubborn in not obeying authority
b. nasty and ill tempered
c. looking like moldy potatoes
d. unable to think for oneself

5. The environment has changed in many parts of the continent, but the coyote has been able to adapt. These creatures can be found almost everywhere, even in cities.

a. become extinct
b. ride a bus
c. change to survive
d. take other animals' babies as their own

6. Christina is an adept athlete. She is a valuable player on every team she joins.

a. always changing
b. clumsy
c. weak and easily pushed over
d. very skillful

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