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Reading Comprehension
Volume 4, Number 13, December 7, 1998

Santa Doesn't Stop There Anymore

“I don’t believe in Santa Claus!” Trogmire Troll announced.
Tremor Troll looked shocked. “Why not?” he asked.
“Because he never leaves me any gifts at all,” Trogmire growled.
Tremor thought about the evidence for a few seconds. “Maybe,” he suggested, “it’s because when Santa checked his list, your name wasn’t in the ‘nice’ column.”
“So, he could at least bring me a lump of coal!” Trogmire replied. “And,” he went on, “Troubled Troll doesn’t believe in Santa either.”
“Right,” Tremor said, “because he saw his parents putting the ‘From Santa’ presents under the tree. But I know the truth about that. My mother found out from Troubled ’s mother. When Troubled’s parents got an e- mail from Santa, saying that he would never bring Troubled another gift, they didn’t want to tell him the truth. So now they buy presents and pretend they’re from Santa.”
“What did Troubled do to get Santa so mad?” Trogmire inquired.
“I think it had something to do with the time he put glue paper all over the living room floor on Christmas Eve,” Tremor said, “and left a sign that said, ‘Trapped Like a Rat!’ hanging over the fireplace.”
“I guess Santa doesn’t have a sense of humor,” Trogmire sighed. “Well, at least I’m not the only one who Santa scratched off his list.”

1. Why doesn’t Santa leave presents for Trogmire or Troubled?

a. Their parents won’t let him leave gifts.
b. He can’t find their homes.
c. He is really very mean.
d. They have behaved badly.

2. Trogmire and Troubled don’t believe in Santa because _______________.

a. Tremor convinced them he wasn’t real
b. they are too naughty to believe
c. Santa has no sense of humor
d. Santa doesn’t give them anything

3. Troubled’s parents never _______________.

a. told him about the message they got from Santa
b. loved him very much
c. bought him anything
d. cared about how he behaved

4. Trogmire and Santa probably have different ideas about what’s _______________.

a. humorous
b. expensive
c. easy to do
d. the proper way to address an e-mail message

5. Trogmire’s last comment could be an example of this saying.

a. One good turn deserves another.
b. Misery loves company.
c. Easy come, easy go.
d. Beauty is only skin deep.


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