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Volume 4, Number 3, September 21, 1998

Amy’s Political Career

Chapter Two

It was decided that Bobby would be Amy’s campaign manager. Amy decided and Bobby dutifully complied. It was a good arrangement in any case. Bobby was no expert on getting elected, but he did know how to get along with anyone. And Bobby would do his best to teach Amy how to get along too.
“Rule number one,” Bobby told Amy as they walked toward the cafeteria for lunch, “is not to say anything insulting to anyone. By the way, that includes not being sarcastic.”
“But that’s what I do best!” Amy protested.
“You’re the one who said you were going to be nice from now on.”
“I’m having second thoughts.”
Bobby sighed, “Do you still want to be class president?”
Amy nodded. “OK, no sarcasm,” she conceded.
“Here’s what I think you should do for the first few days of school,” Bobby said. “Eat fast, and then walk around and greet the kids you know and meet the kids from the other schools. Just talk about anything and be friendly.”
“Greet and meet,” Amy grumbled. “Will you walk around with me?”
And of course, Bobby agreed.

Bobby was not quite finished with his second hamburger when Amy began surveying the other tables.
“I think we’ll start over there,” she said, gesturing toward a nearby table.
Amy grabbed Bobby by the wrist and they walked to the table where four kids were having a discussion.
“Hi, how are you guys doing?” Bobby asked. He and Amy knew two of the kids, Missy Lakeland and Joe Branski.
“We were just talking about our favorite movies,” Joe told them as they sat down.
“What’s your favorite movie, Joe?” Amy asked.
“I don’t have a real favorite,” Joe replied. “I like most movies that have good special effects.”
“That shows how intelligent you are,” Amy commented. “You’re thinking about how the movie is made, not just following the story.”
Bobby was encouraged. Amy had actually paid someone a complement. She glanced at him as if to say, “See, I can do it!”
“Missy, what’s your favorite movie?” Amy asked.
Now Bobby knew that Amy was really serious about being friendly. She had always been especially sarcastic to Missy when they were in elementary school. Fortunately, Missy had always been too good natured to let it bother her. Though Bobby had often wondered if many of Amy’s comments hadn’t just gone over Missy’s head.
“I have a feeling,” Missy replied, “That my favorite movie will be one I haven’t seen yet. My parents are renting Titanic tonight.”
“Are they going to let you watch it?” Amy asked. “It’s rated PG13.”
“My mother says I’m very mature for my age,” Missy said proudly.
Bobby knew that this might be too much for Amy. He could almost feel the sarcasm trying to escape from her mouth.
Amy resisted temptation. “I’m sure you are,” she said.
“I haven’t seen it yet,” Joe said, “but I’ve read about all the special effects in that film. I want to see the part near the end after the ship hit the iceberg and-”
“Stop!” Missy interrupted. “Don’t ruin the ending for me! I don’t want to know if the ship sinks.”
Bobby saw the look of disbelief and disgust in Amy’s green eyes. He tried to save the new Amy from the old Amy. “Amy, we’ve got to go. We’ll be late for class.”
Amy’s expression softened, and Bobby had renewed hope that the new Amy was still in control. She looked at Missy and quietly said, “Missy I really like you. I’d even like you if you had a brain!
This did not go over Missy's head. She stood up, lifted her tray, and then slammed it down on the table. “Well, I don’t like you, Amy Ashwood!” she cried.
At that moment the bell rang and Amy walked silently toward the door.
“Well, nice talking to you guys,” Bobby said, and he quickly turned to follow her.

1. Do you think that Amy had a hard time getting Bobby to be her campaign manager?

2. Amy was having second thoughts about being nice. What does “having second thoughts” mean?

3. What good quality did Amy say that Joe had? What reason did she give?

4. Bobby wondered if Amy's comments had gone over Missy's head. What does “over her head” mean?

5. Do you think that Amy has lost any chance to be class president by insulting Missy?

6. Is there anything Amy can do to repair the damage caused by her behavior?

7. Compare Amy's effort to change with the voyage of the Titanic?

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Chapter Three will be published on October 19, 1998.

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