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Reading Comprehension
Volume 4, Number 5, October 5, 1998


Funny Jokes, Part Two

Mr. El and Mr. Smitty walked out the faculty room door and into the empty hallway. “I’ll need your help,” Mr. El said quietly but firmly.
“Help with what”? Mr. Smitty asked, even though he already knew the answer.
“Finding a way to teach Miss Joan a lesson,” Mr. El responded. “After all, we are educators, and it’s our job to teach lessons.”
Mr. Smitty looked doubtful. “Maybe you should just forget the whole thing,” he suggested.
“And let this outrage go unpunished?” Mr. El asked. “You’re an athletic coach, as well as a third grade teacher. You’re good at thinking up tactics, how to attack the enemy, I mean opponent.”
“OK, here’s what you should do: Concede the game!” Mr. Smitty announced. “This could get out of hand.”
“Then help me so that I don’t get carried away.”
Mr. Smitty sighed. “I guess I’d better help you.”
As they turned the corner to enter the hallway that led to the third and fourth grades, the two men almost collided with, of all people, Miss Joan.
“Miss Joan,” Mr. El said in a pleasant voice, “How was your day?”
Miss Joan smiled and said, “Just lovely.”
“By the way,” Mr. El asked with a somewhat less pleasant tone, “ would you have any idea who might have removed the magnet from my camping poster?”
“I can’t imagine who would do such a thing!” Miss Joan said in her most innocent voice. “I wish I could talk more, but I have to get home and have a fast supper. Goodbye gentlemen.”
Before Mr. El could utter another syllable, Miss Joan had vanished.
“Is it possible,” Mr. Smitty speculated, “that she really doesn’t know who did it? The woman isn't a liar.”
“She didn’t lie,” Mr. El growled, “but she did choose her words carefully. She said she couldn’t ‘imagine’ who did it. She couldn’t imagine who did it, because she knew who did it!”

For discussion:

1. Do you think that Mr. El should have no doubt that Miss Joan took his magnet?

2. Is it right for Mr. El to seek revenge?

3. What do you think Mr. El might do to get even with Miss Joan?


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