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Volume 4, Number 4, September 28, 1998


Funny Jokes, Part One

Mr. El was very proud of his poster. He had spent hours making it look as appealing as possible. “Sign Up for the Great Tiger Camping Weekend!” it read. The poster went on to urge everyone who worked at Tiger Elementary School to participate in the first annual camping trip at the nearby Willow Bay Campground. At the bottom of the poster was a place to sign up for a reservation. At the top, Mr.El had glued a Willow Bay Campground magnet. He collected magnets, and this was one of his favorites.
On Monday morning, Mr. El tacked the poster to the bulletin board in the faculty room. On Monday afternoon, after the kids had gone home, he checked the poster to see if anyone had signed up.
“That’s good,” he said to himself. Mr. Smitty, Mrs. Plant, and Mr. Dee had already put their names on the list. “This is wonder--,” Mr. El noticed something at the top of the poster. Or to put it more accurately, he noticed that he could not notice something at the top of the poster. “Someone stole my magnet!” he roared.
At that very moment, Mr. Smitty walked into the room. “Are you OK?” he asked.
“No, I am not OK! My poster has been defaced, robbed, looted, attacked by some evil criminal!”
“It looks the same as when I signed on,” Mr. Smitty remarked.
“You didn’t see a magnet shaped like a tree with the name of the campground on it?” Mr. El asked, pointing to the bare spot at the top of the poster.
“No, I don’t remember seeing anything like that.”
“Are you sure?”
“I’m sure.”
“Are you certain you’re sure?”
“I’m certain I’m sure.”
“Are you positive you’re certain you’re sure?”
“I’m definitely confident that I’m positive that I’m certain that I’m sure,” Mr. Smitty said. “At least I think so.”
“I’m going to get to the bottom of this,” Mr. El announced, “and find the criminal!”
Mrs. Daxon, the senior teachers’ aide, walked into the room. “What’s this about a criminal?” she inquired.
Mr. Smitty told Mrs. Daxon what had happened. She looked at Mr. El and smiled a knowing smile.
“You know something,” he said. “You always know everything that’s going on around here.”
“That is true,” she conceded. “I can’t divulge my sources, but I know exactly what happened to your magnet.”
Mr. El didn’t speak a word, but his eyes said, “Please, please tell me!”
Mrs. Daxon whispered, “My very reliable sources tell me that Miss Joan thought it would be a funny joke to play on you.”
“Funny!” Mr. El stated with a wild look in his eyes. “Well, he who laughs last, laughs best!”


1. Mr. El’s poster was a kind of _______________.

a. story
b. photograph
c. advertisement
d. poem

2. The camping trip would not be _______________.

a. fun
b. on a weekend
c. expensive
d. very far away

3. How did Mr. El feel about the magnet being gone?

a. He thought it was funny.
b. He felt very angry.
c. It made him hungry.
d. It made him feel very lonely.

4. Which is probably true about Mrs. Daxon?

a. She is mean.
b. No one likes to talk to her.
c. She is younger than the other aides.
d. It is hard to keep a secret from her.

5. Mr. El probably intends to _______________.

a. immediately take down his poster
b. tell Miss Joan that she has a great sense of humor
c. get even with Miss Joan
d. change his mind about going camping



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