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Reading Comprehension
Volume 4, Number 29, April 26, 1999

Word Meanings From Context - Main Idea

The main idea of a paragraph is the point that the whole paragraph makes. Use the context, especially the main idea, to help you answer the questions.


Your fifteen year old sister’s manners are deplorable. You should have been there when she ate at our house the other night. She kept reaching across the table for everything without even excusing herself. She burped a dozen times and looked like she was really proud of her achievement. And when we had ice cream sundaes for dessert, she ate hers with her fingers.

1. What does “deplorable” mean?

a. awful
b. deeply thoughtful
c. cute or pleasing
d. enjoying good food
e. smart

Shannon has been working hard for Mr. Buchanan. She claims that he’s the most honest man running for president. No matter what doubts we express, she has what she believes is a good answer. She works long hours every day on the campaign. She has also given a lot of money to help him win. Shannon is certainly one of Buchanan’s most ardent supporters.

2. What does “ardent” mean?

a. generous with money
b. able to argue or debate
c. foolish
d. admiring honesty
e. strong or eager

Randolph is certainly resilient. He lost a fortune when his business failed but now he’s wealthy again. After spending a month in the intensive care unit of the hospital, he’s as healthy and strong as ever. And after all those rumors ruined his reputation, he’s managed to once again be a highly respected member of the community.

3. What does “resilient” mean?

a. sneaky
b. having a lot of money
c. free of sickness
d. shaped like a rubber ball
e. able to bounce back or recover



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