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Reading Comprehension
Volume 4, Number 30, May 3, 1999

Homer T. Cat

Homer T. Cat likes to often go strolling;
He walks to the pond where the froggies go splash.
He watches the wagons of hay go by rolling.
He notices mice that are gone in a flash.

Homer T. Cat likes to lie in the sunlight;
He stretches or curls and he purrs or he snores.
He ambles along ’round the barn by the starlight.
He watches with wonder as others do chores.

Homer T. Cat likes to play in the meadow;
He swats at the bees, careful never to slap;
He chases his tail and he chases his shadow;
He catches his breath, then he catches a nap.

Homer T. Cat samples some of his dishes;
He munches and crunches on all kinds of fare;
He gobbles on liver and nibbles on fishes
And never has doubts that a meal will be there.

Homer T. Cat likes to ponder life’s meaning
But keeps his deep thoughts hidden safely away.
He washes his coat like a robin that’s preening;
He breathes the fresh air and he treasures the day.






1. Where does Homer T. Cat live? How do you know?

2. Do you think that Homer T. Cat likes to hunt? Explain.

3. What are some of the things that Homer T. Cat does to occupy himself?

4. Does Homer T. Cat have a happy life? Explain.


Copyright 1999 RHL

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