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Reading Comprehension
Volume 4, Number 20, February 8, 1999


This Valentine

This valentine’s to all I love,
To family and friends,
The closest and the dearest hearts
With love that never ends.

This valentine’s to passing hearts
I broke and moved along.
They felt that I was someone great
And I just proved them wrong.

This valentine’s to fleeting smiles,
To strangers I have met.
We shared a friendly moment
Then passed without regret.

This valentine’s to all the hearts
That I have never known,
To happy times that could have been
And bonds that would have grown.

This valentine’s for all the hearts
That I am writing to.
To everyone who reads these lines,
This valentine’s for you.


For Discussion:

To whom is this poem addressed? Discuss one stanza at a time.

Copyright 1999 RHL

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