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Reading Comprehension
Volume 3, Number 17, January 12, 1998

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Martin Luther King, Jr.

You faced injustice, hate and strife.
You fought for what should be.
You risked and finally gave your life,
So others could be free.

You could have hated, but you chose
To love and understand,
Rejecting violence to oppose
An evil in our land.

You'd not inflame, but still inspire,
With hope that wouldn't yield.
You called for boycotts, not for fire,
With faith your only shield.

You marched in protest for the poor
Of every shade and hue.
So many hardships you'd endure
For those who needed you.

You stirred a nation's heart and mind;
Your message still is clear:
That color's not how we're defined.
Your memory's always near.

Each year your birth's a holiday;
The nation honors you,
And wonders when we'll see the day
Your dream at last comes true.




For discussion:

1. What are the important points that the author makes in the poem? Summarize the poem in your own words.

2. Martin Luther King Jr. believed in fighting evil with non-violent protests. How do you feel about that approach?

3. Has Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.,s dream come true?


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