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Martin Luther King, Jr.

Martin Luther King, Jr. is a reading worksheet featuring a poetic tribute to an American hero who gave his life for the causes of equality, justice, and nonviolence.

Martin Luther King Jr. Crossword Puzzle

Facts About Martin Luther King, Jr.

Quotations of Martin Luther King, Jr.

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Where Monsters Can Grow is a reading worksheet featuring a poem that identifies ignorance as the root of prejudice, intolerance, and hatred.

From Martin Luther King, Jr.

    You faced injustice, hate and strife.
    You fought for what should be.
    You risked and finally gave your life,
    So others could be free.

    You could have hated, but you chose
    To love and understand,
    Rejecting violence to oppose
    An evil in our land.

Entire Poem and Worksheet

From Where Monsters Can Grow

     Beware of the monsters
     Who dwell in the mind,
     Who grow in the shelter
     Of shadows they find.

     Beware of the demons
     Who hide from the light,
     Who only survive
     When our spirits lose sight.

Entire Poem and Worksheet

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