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Reference Skills
Volume 3, Number 17, January 12, 1998

Note: This page can be used as an introduction to the vocabulary for Reading Comprehension, Volume 3, Number 17.

Using a Dictionary

Use a dictionary to help you answer each question.


1. Which is an example of strife?

a. A cook prepares a vegetable soup.
b. Two nations fight each other in a war.
c. David gets a high score in bowling.
d. A new car bumper is invented.

2. When you reject something, you ___________.

a. play it again
b. put it in a safe place
c. fix it
d. do not accept it

3. If you oppose an idea, you ___________.

a. are the first one to think of it
b. try to get others to agree with it
c. take a stand against it
d. are confused

4. If you inflame a crowd, ___________.

a. you make many people angry
b. you cause many people to be sunburned
c. you attack it with fire
d. you hide from everyone

5. To inspire someone is to ___________.

a. make them want to do something
b. stab them with a spear
c. build a house for them
d. disagree with them

6. To yield is to ___________.

a. cover with a blanket
b. drive carefully
c. sing in a loud voice
d. give up

7. If you boycott a company, you ___________.

a. buy it
b. stand outside and protest
c. are proud to work for it
d. won't buy any of its products or services

8. If a shirt has many hues, it has many ___________.

a. buttons
b. holes
c. colors
d. copies

9. When you endure something, ___________.

a. it is not pleasant
b. you invent it
c. you protect it
d. you describe its appearance


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