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Volume 4, Number 6, October 12, 1998

Using a Dictionary - Definitions

Note: This issue can be used to introduce vocabulary for this week's Reading Comprehension issue.

Use a dictionary to help you make the correct choices.

1. An appropriate comment would NOT be _______________.

a. smart
b. the wrong thing to say
c. understandable
d. thoughtful

2. If your weight diminishes, you _______________.

a. eat too much sugar
b. need a better scale
c. become lighter
d. become heavier

3. A petty thief _______________.

a. steals from a pet store
b. steals valuable objects
c. steals things of little value
d. steals first base in a baseball game

4. Most people __________ someone who has dignity.

a. forget
b. respect
c. hate
d. ignore

5. Which of the following is a subtle change?

a. Ashley painted her white house purple.
b. Carl replaced his 25 inch television with a 60 inch projection set.
c. Anthony changed the name of his restaurant from Anthony’s Diner to The Big Fat Hamburger Place.
d. There were 103 singers in the choir, now there are 104 singers.

6. Sam screamed in mock surprise. Which of the following was true?

a. Sam was shocked and upset.
b. Sam wasn’t really surprised.
c. Sam was trying to scare someone.
d. Sam had a bad hair day.

7. If you answer promptly, you _______________.

a. take little time to answer
b. say you’ll go to a dance
c. think for a long time before saying anything
d. will be incorrect

8. If you plan to modify something, _______________.

a. you think it looks cool
b. you like it just the way it is
c. you want it to change in some way
d. you are a pest

9. Who would be infamous?

a. someone who nobody has ever heard of
b. a well known criminal
c. a respected citizen
d. someone with an ingrown toenail




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