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Reading Links

Sites Dedicated Primarily to Reading


University of Maryland Reading Room
"Pull Up a Chair, Fix a Cup of Tea, and Settle in for a Good Read."

Tampa's Reading Place
"....a web site that is full of reading materials designed for beginning readers and older students who never quite mastered the reading basics. Excellent worksheets for improving reading and phonics skills. Also includes vocabulary lists and great downloads of valuable resources for teachers and parents."

Reading in the Content Areas: Secondary
"This page was created as a project for my very first graduate course which goes by the name of Educ 440: Reading in the Content Areas: Secondary."

Literature Based Reading Lessons
"The second grade teachers at Dallas Christian School have developed a new reading program using children's literature."

Candlelight Stories
Stories with some beautiful illustrations

Beyond Worksheets -- Making Reading Make Sense
Fred C. Maxwell Ph.D


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