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Reading Comprehension
Volume 3, Number 7, October 20, 1997

Read the selection without stopping to write the missing words. Then read it again, pausing to write the words on your paper that you think would fit in the blanks. Finally, read the selection again,withthosewords, to see if it makes sense.

A Story Starter:

xxxxIt was a beautiful, practically __1__ fall day. The sun made the multicolored trees glow against the __2__ blue sky. There was no breeze, unusual for this time of year, and that made the temperature seem __3__ than it actually was.
xxxxIt was on this beautiful day, just before two o’clock, that Miss Joan walked her kindergartners back into the classroom. “Wasn’t that a delightful recess, children? The weather was so nice, and you all __4__ so well.” Miss Joan was in one of her __5__ moods.
xxxx“Now, boys and girls, it’s time for physical education. Mr. Dee will be here any moment now to walk you to the gym. And please __6__ call Mr. Dee the gym teacher. He’s the physical education teacher. He’s very sensitive about that!”
xxxx“Here’s the gym teacher!” Charlton called, as Mr. Dee appeared at the doorway.
xxxxMr. Dee sighed and led the procession down the hall. When they were all out of __7__, Miss Joan smiled and opened her top desk drawer. She had a bag of M&Ms stashed in the back of the drawer.
xxxx“Now for a little treat,” she told herself.
xxxxM&Ms were Miss Joan’s __8__ candy. They would give her that little energy boost she needed in the afternoon. They would make this wonderful day even --
xxxx“What is this?” she gasped as she pulled the bag from the drawer. “It’s __9__!!”
xxxxMiss Joan pulled the drawer out as far as it would go to see if the bag had spilled. There were no candies. There were many black specks that had not been there before.
xxxx“This crime was committed by a mouse!” Miss Joan screamed. “It will pay for this outrage!”
xxxxJust then, Miss Joan saw a little gray creature strolling across the floor. In her anger, she __10__ that she was afraid of mice. She grabbed the heavy storybook that she always kept on her desk, held it high over her head, and chased the mouse across the room. It ran this way and that with Miss Joan close behind.
xxxx“I’ve got you cornered now, you rude little rodent! No one eats my M&Ms and lives to tell about it!”
xxxxSuddenly, they were not alone. The children were returning from the gym.

Write a conclusion to the story. How will Miss Joan handle the situation if she wants to set a good example for the children?


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