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Reading Comprehension
Volume 3, Number 35, June 15, 1998


My Mansion

. . . Welcome to my mansion. Let me show you around. Oh, please leave your shoes by that marble door. Of course, my shoe servant will clean or polish them for you and have them ready when you leave.
. . . First, let’s take the escalator down to the basement. The first door on our left leads to the bowling alley. It uses a computer system to keep score for you.
. . . Next, on the right, you’ll notice the entrance to the indoor tennis courts. The blue surfaced court is a hard court, the green is carpeted, and the red one is clay.
. . . A basketball court? That’s on the third floor. I’ll show that to you later.
. . . This room over here, that’s thirty tons of sand on the floor. No, it’s not a big sandbox. You don’t expect my cat to use a regular litter box, do you?
. . . At the end of the hall, let me open the door for you, you’ll see the indoor swimming pool. It looks like a small lake. Cool, or what?
. . . Well, that’s about it for this level, except for the arcade room, but that isn’t quite finished yet. When it’s done, there will be over 200 machines. Here, let’s just take this elevator to the first floor.
. . . As we come out of the elevator, we can see the main kitchen. Naturally, it’s staffed twenty-four hours a day. See that man over there? He’s one of my hamburger chefs. No home should be without at least one hamburger chef. That woman over to the right, the one with the tomato sauce on her nose, she’s the head pizza chef. I paid her big bucks to come here from Pizza Hut.
. . . Why don’t we walk down to the far end of this hallway? I’ll show you the television room. Yes, I know this looks more like a theater, but that screen is only 120 inches wide. The satellite and cable remote controls are built right into the arm rests of these reclining chairs.
. . . Hey, I’ve got to show you the computer room next. Then we can stop in the exercise room and........
. . . Oh, Mrs. Plant, sorry, I guess I was daydreaming. My math? It’s not done yet. I’ve got my name, my first name anyway, on the paper. My writing piece? Uh, is it OK if I write about the mansion I’m going to have someday?


1. Where does the narrator’s mansion exist?

2. Where is the narrator?

3. Who is the narrator talking to?

4. What would your dream house be like?



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