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Reading Comprehension
Volume 3, Number 33, June 1, 1998


Charlton Moves On, Part II

. . . “Now where were we?” Miss Joan asked.
. . . Charlton moved the swing in a circular motion, just missing Miss Joan by an inch each time he glided by her. “You wanted to know why they’re sending me away. I think it had something to do with my painting the dog. My mother, foster mother, yelled something about a straw and then said I had to go. It was only finger paint.”
. . . Miss Joan took a little bag of M&Ms out of her pocket and offered some to Charlton. “Maybe she’ll change her mind if you really try to behave.”
. . . Charlton thanked Miss Joan for the candy. “She already called the social worker. She won’t change her mind.”
. . . “Well, it’s her loss!” Miss Joan announced, surprising herself with the comment.
. . . “How many children do you have, Miss Joan?” Charlton asked.
. . . “I don’t have any children. As a matter of fact, I live all by myself.”
. . . “Did your parents get rid of you?”
. . . “No, Charlton. I just wanted to have my own place.”
. . . “Do you ever visit your parents?”
. . . Miss Joan laughed.“Yes, Charlton, but we’re supposed to be discussing your behavior, not mine.”
. . . “I wish you were my mother.” Charlton said softly.
. . . “But Charlton, didn’t you say I was the meanest person in the world?”
. . . Charlton smiled. “That’s OK, I’ll keep you anyway.”
. . . A loud buzzer sounded from the school. Miss Joan stood up. “We have to get to the cafeteria and pick up our friends. Do me a favor and apologize to Jenna. I think you hurt her feelings much more than her head.”
. . . “I promise I will,” Charlton replied as they walked toward the building. And he did.


To be concluded next week.


For discussion:

1. Who are the two main characters in this story?

2. Do you see any changes in the way these characters think or feel about each other?

Why might those changes have occurred?

Could those changes affect how each character treats the other?

3. How do you think this story might end?


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