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Reading Comprehension
Volume 3, Number 3, September 22, 1997

A Story Starter:

xxxxxMiss Joan was in a very good mood. She had been in a great mood all week long. It was Apple Week. Monday was the day when all the kindergartners in her class drew pictures of apples. On Tuesday, they listened as Miss Joan read stories about apples. Wednesday was the day that Miss Joan told the class about the field trip they would take to an apple orchard. On Thursday, the kids saw a film about how apples are made into cider. And now it was finally Friday, the day of the field trip.
xxxxxMiss Joan loved teaching about apples. She loved eating apples. Above all, she enjoyed picking apples with her students. She smiled as she led her students to the bus that would take them to the Greenly Apple Orchard. Nothing could ruin her good apple mood.
xxxxxShe hadn’t even been bothered when she found the rotten apple on her desk that morning: the apple with the plastic worm sticking out of it. She guessed that Mr. El, the fourth grade teacher, had left it there as a prank.
xxxxxThe bus ride was bumpy and the kids were a little noisy, but still Miss Joan was smiling. She didn’t even frown when Charlton pulled Jessica’s hair. She just said firmly,”Charlton, behave.”
xxxxxThe bus stopped in front of the Greenly Orchard Store and the class filed out quickly and quietly. Miss Joan led the procession and Mrs. Bernstein, the parent chaperon, counted heads to make sure everyone was there. “What a glorious, sunny, apple picking day,” Miss Joan announced with her grandest smile.
xxxxxMr. Greenly was there to greet them. “Let’s see, there are eighteen children and two adults at three dollars each. That will be sixty dollars, please.”
xxxxxMiss Joan held up the brochure in her hand. “It says that the price is two dollars each,,” she pointed out. “That’s what I collected from everyone.”
xxxxx“We’ve had to raise the price,” Mr. Greenly stated.
xxxxx“You sent me this brochure after we made our reservation,” Miss Joan growled, “and it says two dollars!”
xxxxx“Miss Joan, if you look at the bottom of this brochure,” Mr. Greenly said, “you’ll notice a very important statement.”
xxxxxSure enough, in very tiny letters, it said, “Prices are subject to change without notice.”
xxxxxMiss Joan was determined to keep her good mood. She took a twenty dollar bill out of her own purse and handed it to Mr. Greenly with the forty dollars she had in an envelope.
xxxxx“Now children, do you all have your baskets?” Miss Joan called out. “Remember, you can pick as many apples as you want.”
xxxxx“Miss Joan, there’s been a change in policy,” Mr. Greenly said, almost shouting, “the children are limited to six apples each.”
xxxxx“I beg your pardon!” Miss Joan was not smiling now. “The brochure says, ‘ALL YOU CAN PICK’!”
xxxxxMr. Greenly pointed to the tiniest letters Miss Joan had ever almost seen. It also says, “Terms and conditions of group reservations are subject to change without notice.”
xxxxxMiss Joan’s good mood was now history. She didn’t want to set a bad example for her students, so she said in a calm and quiet voice, “We’re going home, give me our money back, please.”
xxxxx“I’m sorry, I can’t do that,” Mr. Greenly said cheerfully, “The brochure says, ‘No Refunds’.”
xxxxxMiss Joan’s face was deep red. She glared at Mr. Greenly and said, “Mr. Greedy, let me tell you what I am going to do. Let me show you what we are going to do!”

1. What was Miss Joan’s favorite apple activity?

2. How many students went on the field trip?

3. Why do you think the statements on the brochure were in tiny letters?

4. What is a refund?

5. How would you like this story to end? You are the author who will write the rest of the story.

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