RHL School

Reading Comprehension
Volume 3, Number 29, April 27, 1998



Who Am I?

I travel to another world
. . . Where shadows speak and mountains bend,
Where oceans roar or stand and wait,
. . . And forests never have an end.

I travel to another land
. . . Where creatures creep and spirits fly.
I hold the earth within my hand.
. . . I understand or wonder why.

I travel on through time and space.
. . . I’m just a speck or ten miles tall.
I stand upon a special place
. . . And never think to move at all.

I smile through tears; I laugh; I cry;
. . . I sing with joy or pause to hear.
I find a truth or bear a lie.
. . . I fight the storm or hide in fear.


What is the answer to the title question? Explain your answer.



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