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Reading Comprehension
Volume 3, Number 26, March 23, 1998

Harmony Dog

Harmony Dog was as green as a frog,
And her tail was a lot like a snake.
Her ears, they could grace
A rhinoceros face.
And her teeth, they resembled a rake.

Harmony's paws had incredible claws
That a grizzly would love to possess.
Her fur was as coarse
As the mane of a horse,
And her odor could cause much distress.

Harmony's growl sounded more like a howl,
And her bark sounded more like a shout.
Her nose was as wet
As a river can get,
While it looked like a pink piglet's snout.

Harmony Dog liked to gallop or jog,
And she never would stay in one place.
She'd not take a home
'Cause she needed to roam;
It's been ages since we've seen her face.

1. Draw a picture of Harmony Dog based on the poem's description.

2. Compose your own poem that describes a make-believe animal. Think about the different senses while creating your animal. What does it look, sound, feel, and smell like?

3. Draw a picture of your animal to illustrate the poem.

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