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Reading Comprehension
Volume 3, Number 24, March 9, 1998

Read the selection without stopping to choose the correct missing words. Then read it again, pausing to underline the correct words. Finally, read the selection again to see if it makes sense.

A Story Starter:

. . . Professor J. Farnsworth Toegrowth was rushing around his laboratory. “When this experiment __1__, I shall be the greatest scientist in the world!”
. . . He turned dials furiously. He connected wires and threw switches. “Soon, very soon, I shall show them all!” His expression was __2__ as he almost screamed, “Professor Toegrowth shall gain the __3__ he deserves!”
. . . There was a frantic knock on the door. “Professor Toegrowth, I beg you to __4__ this experiment before it’s too late! What you are __5__ could destroy the world! At the very least, it could give bad breath to millions!”
. . . The professor recognized his assistant’s voice. “Go away, Bradley! You, of all people, should know how __6__ this is!”
. . . He ran to the tall shiny cylinder in the center of the room, adjusted more dials, and threw yet another __7__. Red and blue lights flashed from the panels that nearly covered every wall.
. . . “Soon I’ll be __8__!” the professor shrieked in the direction of the __9__ door. “Men will idolize me! Women will __10__ me! Children will beg for my autograph! The bank will finally let me have a credit card!”

1. happens succeeds fails science
2. wild calm ancient funny
3. weight attitude joke respect
4. complete begin stop try
5. learning hearing failing doing
6. dangerous silly ugly important
7. rock baseball switch weapon
8. arrested older famous confused
9. bathroom locked basement trailer
10. ignore adore destroy hate
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