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Reading Comprehension
Volume 3, Number 16, January 5, 1998

A Day's Journey

xxxxSomeday while you're surfing around on the World Wide Web, you might enjoy stopping at a very interesting site. The site is titled, A Day's Journey, but it is a life's journey of the author, Debbie Day, and her remarkable family.
xxxxMrs. Day tells about the important things in her life. She credits her husband, Bruce, for his support. Together, they have brought six children into the world. However, they decided to expand their family further. They've adopted two kids and are legal guardians of another. These are children with special needs that the couple has eagerly met.
xxxxMr. and Mrs. Day are homeschooling their four youngest children. One of them, their nine year old daughter, has her own award winning Web site.
xxxxIt is inspiring to read about parents who have given so much love and hard work, and feel so rewarded by the success and happiness of their children.
xxxxAnother strength of this site is the large collection of links that reflect the author's interests and experiences. She's highlighted many great places to visit on the Web, one more reason to visit Debbie Day's site at http://www.az.com/~dday/.


1. The Days have ____ kids altogether.
2. How many of their children are being homeschooled?
3. What kind of person is Mrs. Day? Explain your answer.
4. Why do you think Mrs. Day is publishing her Web site?


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