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Reading Comprehension
Volume 3, Number 15, December 15, 1997

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Only One Race

.___Lately, there's a lot of talk about race relations. To be sure, racism hasn't vanished from the world. However, much of the problem is actually in how we view the problem. There are too many people, most of them well meaning, who are actually practicing racism by the way they fight it.
.___People talk about interracial problems, in other words problems between different races. That very perception is racism! We don't have an interracial problem, we have an intraracial problem, conflict within one race. The fact is that all people belong to the same race: the human race. The color of our skin or who and what our ancestors were like are not what define us as individuals.
.___As long as governments, institutions, or individuals classify people as part of separate racial groups, racism will continue to exist.


For discussion:

1. Is this selection mostly a factual report or an expression of opinion?

2. On what points, if any, do you agree with the author? Give reasons.

3. On what points, if any, do you disagree with the author? Give reasons.

4. Write an essay giving your ideas on this subject.


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