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Reading Comprehension
Volume 3, Number 14, December 8, 1997

A Holiday Wish

               The stars will be bright and the sky will be clear
               And all whom you love will be happy and near.
               Your home will be warm, and everything right
               With laughter and smiles flowing into the night.

               Your hopes and your wishes will surely come true,
               With all that you've dreamed of just waiting for you.
               All that you’ve given will cause so much cheer,
               And all whom you love will be happy and near.

               The scents of the feast will be filling the air.
               Music will play as you merrily share.
               This is a time that will always be dear,
               With all whom you love being happy and near.

               I wish you the best for this season of lights -
               A time that is precious and full of delights,
               With joy that extends past the month and the year,
               With all whom you love being happy and near.



For Discussion:

1. What is the most important wish of the poem? Why do you think so?

2. Is it ever possible for every wish in the poem to come true?

3. What wish or wishes do you have for others?

4. What wish is most important to you?

5. Write a poem or essay expressing a wish that you have for someone. You might want to make it into a greeting card.

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