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Reading Comprehension
Volume 3, Number 13, December 1, 1997

Read the selection without stopping to choose the correct missing words. Then read it again, pausing to underline the correct words. Finally, read the selection again to see if it makes sense.

Do the Web!

xxxxDo you have your own Web site yet? Yes, you! Everyone is joining the Internet bandwagon. Everyone is becoming a __1__. You're going to do it sooner or later, so why not __2__?
xxxxIt doesn't take a lot of money to have your own site on the World Wide Web. If you have access to the Internet now, your online service probably offers you the right to put up your own site at no additional __3__.
xxxxYou don't have to be a computer programmer either. There are many __4__ and free programs available that let you __5__ Web pages as easily as using a word processor. These programs will automatically __6__ the HTML programming code for you.
xxxxGo ahead, share your interests and ideas with the __7__. A new century is dawning. Be an active participant in the new age of __8__.

1. jogger publisher fan senior
2. sooner later never always
3. pages site members charge
4. inexpensive difficult faulty crazy
5. read learn create find
6. sing throw lose write
7. kids world school teacher
8. robots science plastics communication
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