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Reading Comprehension
Volume 3, Number 1, September 8, 1997

Read the selection without stopping to choose the correct missing words. Then read it again, pausing to underline the correct words. Finally, read the selection again to see if it makes sense.

A Story Starter:

 With her lunch tray in hand, Laura looked for an __1__ seat. The 
only available spot was a small round table near the main cafeteria door.
She noticed Bobby and Amy and the empty chair, sighed, then __2__
over to sit down. Laura really did not want to sit by Amy.
Almost no one in fifth grade liked Amy. When the __3__, Miss Milton,
assigned anyone to work with Amy for a group project, even the __4__
kids would groan in despair. If someone sat by her in the cafeteria or
anywhere, it was because there wasn’t anywhere else left to sit. Amy
Ashwood was very __5__.
You might ask __6__. It wasn’t because Amy smelled bad, she
didn’t. She was very __7__ and extremely neat. It wasn’t because she
was ugly. Most kids at Hemlock Mills Elementary School were smart
enough to know that true beauty is more than skin deep. Besides, by
the usual standards, you would probably agree that Amy was a very
pretty girl. Her blonde hair and green eyes made her look like a little
movie __8__.
The problem was Amy’s personalty. She was just plain __9__. Amy
wouldn’t __10__ anyone, of course. Violence was just too messy for
her. But she rarely had anything __11__ to say and she usually was
insulting and sarcastic to everyone she associated with.
Amy only had one close friend in the whole school, or in the whole
world for that matter: Bobby Aroni. It wasn’t that she was any nicer to
Bobby than to the other kids. Bobby just didn’t let her rude comments
__12__ him. He wasn’t convinced that she really meant to be cruel.
Nastiness was just her style, he thought.
Bobby looked up from his hamburger. “Hi, Laura, how’s your day
“OK, Bobby, except we had tons of work all __13__. How are you
today, Amy?”
“Wonderful,” Amy grumbled.
“Amy’s in a real bad mood 'cause all the fifth grade girls have to get
their physicals this afternoon,” Bobby explained.
Laura smiled, “I don’t have to. I brought in a __14__ saying I went to
our family doctor for a physical. We go to Dr. Cooper, she’s great.
Amy stopped remashing her potatoes and stared at Laura. “I’m sure
Dr. Cooper is a fine veterinarian.”
Bobby pretended to be very interested in his vegetables.
1. orange dining empty old
2. ran walked rolled sat
3. class children person teacher
4. shortest meanest science politest
5. hungry smart unpopular talented
6. who where why when
7. tall loud clean slow
8. ticket theater show star
9. cute sweet shy mean
10. like hit scold anger
11. nice bad short secret
12. amuse bother forget please
13. day morning afternoon work
14. doctor book medicine note

See if you can complete the story. Will Amy insult anyone else? Will she change for better or worse by the end of the story? Will Bobby or anyone else help her? It's all up to you, because now you're the author!


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