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Reading Comprehension
Volume 1, Number 15, December 16, 1996

The Other Santas

 There are many Santa Clauses
Of every shape and size.
That’s not the name they go by;
That should be no surprise.

There are many Santa Clauses
Whose gifts are love and care,
Who treat each day like Christmas
For those whose lives they share.

There are many Santa Clauses;
You need not look too far.
Please stop and think about them;
You know just who they are.

1. Who is the poem referring to?
2. What kind of gifts do these Santas give?
3. What do the other Santas have in common with Santa Claus?
4. What are the most valuable gifts you can receive?
5. Are you ever a Santa Claus?

Copyright 1996 RHL

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