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Reading Comprehension
Volume 1, Number 14, December 9, 1996

A Christmas Memory

  There are a few memories from our childhood that will stay with us
forever. A few that seemed so awful at the time may cause us to smile
years later.
One such memory is a phone call I received when I was about three
or four years old. My mother had entered a contest on a local radio
show. Entrants were to tell an interesting story about their child. Winners
would receive a phone call from Mrs. Santa Claus! Mrs. Claus would
award the lucky child a prize compliments of a local store.
Well the call came. My mother talked to Mrs. Claus and then handed
the phone to me. I wasn’t phased by the fact that countless people
were listening to our conversation. However, the fact that this lady had
a direct connection to the big guy, that was important.
I didn’t know it yet, but my mother had caught the attention of the
contest judges by telling about the time I had decorated a wall with
crayons. Even I knew that this was not the kind of behavior that Santa
would approve.
Suddenly, in a very pleasant tone of voice, Mrs. Santa Claus asked
me about my art work. Now remember, I believed that this lady was the
real Mrs. Claus, not a radio station actress standing in for her. Hey, I was
just a little kid!
I threw down the phone and ran crying from the room. My crime had
not gone unpunished. Santa would surely know that I’d been bad!
It turned out that I did get a nice present from the radio station and
its sponsor. And I guess Santa didn’t find out about the wall. Maybe
he did and was in a forgiving mood. In any case, my Christmas presents
did not include a lump of coal.
I wonder what Santa has in mind for this year. Hopefully my wife
hasn’t written Mrs. Claus any letters.

Do you have any holiday memory that you may remember fondly when

you’re grown up? Write about your memory.

Copyright 1996 RHL

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