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Reading Comprehension
Volume 1, Number 13, December 2, 1996

Cyber Santa

Dear Santa, I hope you’re not set in your ways
’Cause things are just different in these modern __1__.
Dear Santa, please tell me that I would be right
To figure you’ve set up your North Pole Web site.

Do some of your elves keep the pages just right,
While you are __2__ for your __3__ flight?
With all of the news of presents we’ll __4__,
Can we find it all there at Santa.net?

Do you accept e-mail, and phone faxes too?
Just think of the trees that you’ll __5__ if you do.
And does a computer help guide your old sleigh,
To make sure that Rudolph does not lose his way?

Please tell me, dear Santa, that these things are __6__;
The times might be changing, but not without you.
Dear Santa, I have to just say one thing more,
Our fireplace is fake, so please come through the __7__!


1. a. times b. pays c. days d. tools
2. a. preparing b. avoiding c. singing d. reminding
3. a. monthly b. daily c. railroad d. famous
4. a. receive b. give c. find d. get
5. a. plant b. pine c. save d. crush
6. a. so b. true c. real d. shoe
7. a. wall b. window c. door d. mail


Copyright 1996 RHL

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