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Sites Dedicated Primarily to the Homeschooling Community

Home Education Resources
A Large selection of free and premium materials are offered.

Wisdom's Gate
"We endeavor to serve the Christian community with quality materials which emphasize Character Building, Family Discipleship and Developing a Biblical Worldview" Includes selected articles from Home School Digest.

Windy Creek Homeschool
This site is a family project that has become an excellent destination for homeschoolers.

Venture Homeschoolng Society of Hong Kong

"Homeschool Talk & Swap!"

Solid Rock Foundations - Home School Resources
"The Bible says that we as parents are responsible for the teaching of our children."

Sassafrass Grove
"Art - Homeschooling - Peace"

Part-Time Home Schooloing
Provides guidance for beginning and experienced homeschoolers.

Parent Educators Association for Children at Home
"An inclusive organization to encourage and support parents who desire to educate their children at home."

The Medleg's Web Page
"Dedicated to Helping People"

The McLarty Family

King's Harvest
"Homeschoolers Serving Homeschoolers"

KidSource Online for Education
"The source for in depth and timely education and healthcare information that will make a difference in the lives of parents and their children."

"For Kids and Home Education Enthusiasts! Discussion Boards and More!"

Jewish Home Educator's Network
"J.H.E.N. is a quarterly newsletter filled with thought-provoking articles, letters from readers that provide open dialogue on a wide range of interesting topics...."

Home Taught: Gail Withrow's Homeschooling Site
"The goal of this site is to provide parents, educators, and scholars with thoughtful insights about homeschooling."

Home's Cool
"A relevant, useful and informative homeschool and family site."

The Homeschool Zone
"We welcome not only homeschoolers, but educators, parents and kids in public & private schools around the world--- We have many FREE newsletters & services and great ways to connect with people and more."

Home School World
Features a huge collection of articles by Practical Homeschooling columnists.

Homeschool Resource Guide
This site is especially for Connecticut homeschoolers, but it's a must visit for all homeschoolers.

Home School Legal Defense Association
"Existing to defend and protect the constitutional right of parents to direct the education of their children, HSLDA is providing extensive on-line resources to the home school community."

HomeSchooling Today® on the World Wide Web!
"Homeschooling Today® is much more than a magazine. It is both a publication and an on-line destination full of ready-to-use curriculum, teaching tips, resources, and practical encouragement for you as a home educator."

HomeSchooling On a Shoestring
"I am hoping to put together enough 'free' homeschooling links to cover K-12 (and maybe beyond!), including all subjects."

HomeSchooling Mega-Sites
"Plan to spend lots of time here, parents.....for this is your section: Resources"

Homeschooling Links and More...
"This is a compilation of web links that I have found and saved thinking I would need these one day or saved them and use them regularly in our family's homeschooling adventure."

Homeschooling Information and Resource Page
"On this website you'll find homeschooling news and information, support and encouragement, thoughtful writings and helpful resources for your family's homeschool adventure!"

Homeschooling for the Uneducated

Home Schooling Daily

This site was originally created to serve the Columbus Ohio area, but has "World Wide" appeal to home schoolers.

"THE starting place for exploring Homeschooling, from your About.com Guide"

Home School House
"Christian homeschooling web site with resources, unit study ideas, holiday ideas, important links, and featuring and on-going Bible study for kids."

HomeSchool Help (New Version)
"When I say I'm a Christian I'm not shouting,' I am saved.' I'm whispering,' guys I get lost that's why I choose this way!'"

HomeSchool Help #1
"My hope is to help anyone who is home schooling or thinking about it. My goal is to make it easier to do. I have found that the Internet has a wealth of information to help with home schooling."

Homeschool Haven
"A well-designed personal site with info on everything from recipes to webdesign to homeschooling."

Homeschool Fun Magazine
This online magazine is enjoyable, but it's much more than just fun. There are many great features and departments, including lesson plans.

Homeschooler's Curriculum Swap
"We're the oldest continuous used curriculum site on the Net, and we've built in many safeguards to protect our subscribers."

Homeschool Central
"At Homeschool Central we believe it is God's mandate to train our children. For this reason the emphasis of this page centers around homeschooling from a Christian perspective; however, we have many resources that will be useful to all homeschoolers."

Homeschool Associates
"Get your FREE newspaper, read great articles written by homeschoolers about homeschooling. You can even send on a free copy to a friend! Get this FREE how-to information on homeschooling today."

Home School, A New Beginning

Home Educators Forum
"Home Educators Forum Magazine is dedicated to helping you as home educators find the methods and practices that work best for you and your students."

Free Homeschool Treasures
This site lives up to its name.

Five in a Row
"Five in a Row's website contains help, support, information and encouragement for home and school educators who teach young children."

Family Unschoolers Network
"The Family Unschoolers Network provides support to homeschoolers, unschoolers, or self-schoolers through FUN News, and offers discounts on homeschooling books through FUN Books"

FamilyEducation Network
"The FamilyEducation Company's mission is to help parents help their children succeed. We provide parents with the information and resources they need to actively participate in their children's learning process."

Discussion Board For Home Educators
"Practical advice and scholastic/academic discussions and support are the focus here."

A Day's Journey
Check out the article about this special site.

Crosswalk.com HomeSchool
"A Christian home school site providing helpful articles, curriculum reviews and purchasing, chat, humor, forums, resources, daily encouragement, and more; by Mike Farris"

"Christian and Homeschool Resource Center by The Howard Family. Information on Christianity, Homeschooling, Parenting, Kids, US Military, Filipino-Americans , Japan, Free e-Cards, and more! We love Jesus!"

Cassi's Homeschool Connection
"Train up a child in the way he should go."

The Caron Family's Homeschool Homepage
"During our five years of homeschooling we have discovered many great resources available to us in our home state of Maine and, more recently, on the Internet. We have created this homepage to share that information with other homeschoolers."

"Home school association in South Carolina. No fees for membership. All the forms you need for personal documentation can be collected here -- free. We believe money you spend for home schooling should be on education, not associations."

ArabesQ Islamic Homeschool Connection
Many helpful links plus educational materials for sale.

AERO - The Alternative Education Resource Organization
"AERO helps people who want to change education to a more empowering and holistic form. It helps individuals and groups of people who want to start new community schools, public and private, or change existing schools. It also provides information to people interested in homeschooling their children, or finding private or public alternative schools."


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