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Home Education Resources
A Large selection of free and premium materials are offered.

All Star Activities
Kids' sports and activity information are plentiful here.

Youth Science Center
"The mission of the Youth Science Center is to provide science, technology, and math enrichment to youth in order to prepare them for the future."

The search index for kids is from the Internet experts at Yahoo.

"Webschooling.com is an interesting fun site for kids up to the age of 12 years."

Virtual Language Centre
"English language (EFL, ESL, TEFL, TESOL) grammar, reading comprehension, crossword puzzles, dictionary, concordancer, newspaper"

U.S. Department of Education

Tutor Links Page, IT2000 Cork
"This site contains links to sites of interest to tutors, tutor school sites and tutor recommended educational sites."

Tennys Internet Exploration Starting Page
With almost 30 categories of links pages, this is an impressive accomplishment. Yuo can even access your e-mail from this page!

TEAMS Distance Learning
"TEAMS Distance Learning brings exemplary opportunities to K-8 students, teachers, and parents across the United States through nationally televised satellite broadcasts and the Internet."

"TeacherVision.com is an on-line community of teachers that provides resources and lesson plans specifically designed for teachers, by teachers, in an easy-to-use, convenient format. TeacherVision.com also provides an environment for teachers to share their ideas, opinions, and techniques with their colleagues across the country."

Teacher Time Saver
"Teacher Time Saver is a resource for elementary educators and parents. Download shareware, freeware, clipart, and worksheets to use in your classroom. Also find links to other educational sites."

Teacher TidBytes
"Bytes of Information to save you time!"

"Teachersplanet.com is committed to encouraging, recognizing and rewarding teacher excellence. We invite you to participate in this growing community!"

This site has many worthwhile features. Check out the lesson plan bank.

"The Online Teacher Resource Center"

St. Jude Children's Research Hospital
They save children's lives, and you can help!!

A huge and valuable source of links that must be visited. There's a monthly newsletter of reviews.

Schoolwork Ugh!
"Homework help and links for the desparate" You can e-mail questions that will usually be answered within 24 hours.

"An educational resource website offering a library of downloadable learning resources to teachers and educators everywhere. Materials may be uploaded for sale or downloaded to a PC immediately following purchase by credit card."

"A web based software application that allows educators to update school web sites without HTML or FTP."

Sassafrass Grove
"Art - Homeschooling - Peace"

Resources for Elementary Teachers in Christian Schools

"refdesk.com: a one-stop site for all things Internet: news, weather, sports, reference, encyclopedia (50 areas), facts on file, FAQs, tutorials, search engines, Win95/98/NT, free stuff, games"

"Queen Bee" Home Page #3
Home page of Carol Roberts-William, an educator in the Dayton Public School District.

"A site that allows you to create puzzles and games for your newsletters, flyers, handouts, or classroom assignments."

A super search directory, dedicated to education.

Primary Resources
"This is a non-commerical, hobby web site aimed at teachers of children aged 5 to 11 (UK primary)."

Pre-K Smarties - Teach Your Child
"Parents' resource for teaching babies, toddlers and preschoolers at home."

This directory contains many categories and is always kept up to date. You can automatically post an educational site to the database for a free month's listing.

PBS Online
There's so much here! Features links to the sites of most programs on PBS.

NHPTV Knowledge Network
An Educational Service of New Hampshire Public Television

New York Times Learning Network
"The New York Times Learning Network is a free service for students in grades 6-12, their teachers and parents. The site is updated Monday through Friday throughout the school year."

Links to middle school sites across America, virtual classrooms, and other Web site resources. There's also a discussion forum that's open to all.

Merriam-Webster Online
If you have the Web, you have a dictionary.

The McLarty Family

Marsha's Teaching Resources
This site features a great selection of links in a number of fields, with the emphasis on mathematics. There are many worksheet links!

Marc Sheehan's Lesson Plans Page
"Welcome to my page of lesson plans and lesson plan links." The site features some great lesson plans created by the teacher/webmaster. There are also extensive resource link lists, including special education.

The Mailbox
"Creates teacher ideas, educational products, and magazines for elementary school teachers. Order teaching supplies online. Get free holiday activities and free lesson plans from our magazines."

"LibrarySpot is the information sweetspot of the best library and reference resources on the Web. Find top dictionaries, encyclopedias, newspapers, maps, genealogy tools and more in one user-friendly spot."

Lesson Stop
"Looking for lesson plans on the Web? Then STOP, you're here! Within the 7 subject area pages, you'll find about 500 links to web sites organized by topic and grade level, which provide access to thousands of lesson plans."

"Search or browse for free lesson planning resources including thematic units, lesson plans in all subjects, games, worksheets, reproducibles, snacks, and more!"

Learning Kids Interactive
"Learning Kids Interactive specializes in the delivery of children's education through distribution of affordable software over the internet."

KidSourc e Online
"The source for in depth and timely education and healthcare information that will make a difference in the lives of parents and their children."

Kids Domain
Crafts, puzzles, graphics, software, reviews, news, there's a mountain of reasons to visit this site!

"Web search for kids by librarians" This search engine/index is a must stop for Web surfing kids. Parenents and teachers will also love this site.

"For Kids and Home Education Enthusiasts! Discussion Boards and More!"

Joyo 96
"Written Japanese online Tutorials. 144-page katakana tutorial, Japanese Ministry of Education's Joyo Kanji complete with etymology, stroke order, movies, and mood music. Links to books, software, and free stuff. Also see the Japanese Paper Maker on line program to make your own calligraphy practice paper or posters."

Irish National Teachers' Organization
Includes a discussion forum for teachers and pupils.

The Internet Public Library
An enormous collection of resources. Listed sites feature excellent reviews. Most sections of the library are searchable.

Idea Box
"Early Childhood and Activity Resources" There are many useful and interesting categories.

HR On Call, Human Resources Consulting & Contracting
" Supplement current HR staff or Outsource your HR staffies."

Holidays On the Net
"Your Source for Holiday Celebrations on the World Wide Web"

History Channel
This site is a great resource. It complements the television network and offers a lot of information. The "This Day in History" section is very useful.

Highlights' TeacherNet
"If you teach students in PreK-8, visit Highlights' TeacherNet today!" Those are their words, but you'll agree.

Half-Baked Software From the University of Victoria Language Centre
"The Half-Baked Software team creates authoring programs that enable you to make Web-based interactive teaching materials. Our main product is Hot Potatoes."

The Global Schoolhouse
"We are a non-profit , public service organization that focuses on using communications technologies to support learning."

"Educational, Interactive Kids Games for Learning" Very interactive, very good!

"FILMSOURCE supplies all types and brands of transparencies, laminating film and presentation products to the business and education markets at a 90% savings."

FamilyEducation Network
"The FamilyEducation Company's mission is to help parents help their children succeed. We provide parents with the information and resources they need to actively participate in their children's learning process."

Encarta Online
This site certainly meets the high standards we expect from Microsoft. It features the Encarta Concise Encyclopedia and Schoolhouse, a great collection of lesson plans and links.

"The International Web Site for Education" This is an ambitious site that is striving to be the educational center for all.

Education World

Comprehensive educational site datqabase. The monthly site review newsletter is a must!

Education Week on the Web
A great place for keeping up with all the latest news and trends in education!

Education Planet
"Education Planet is the education web guide. It helps teachers, students and parents find a wide variety of the best educational resources available on the web from top websites, software, videos and supplies to lesson plans, maps, news and books. Education Planet also provides the educational community with services such as online forums, online teacher training, sites of the week and web tools tailored to the unique needs and interests of teachers, students and parents."

Education Place
Houghton Mifflin

Education Index
"Welcome to the Education Index, your guide to the best and most useful education-related sites on the Web."

Educational Web Sites
"The following sites are suggested starting points for teachers and students who want to begin exploring educational materials on the Web." A fine section of Bernard Robin's Home Page.

Educate the Children
"Educate the Children provides lesson plans and resources for teachers and parents of 5-11 year old children."

Dr. Labush's Links to Learning
"Links for parents,students, and teachers for learning and fun"

Discovery Channel School
"Our goal is to provide innovative online materials for teachers and students, using the resources of Discovery Channel, The Learning Channel, Animal Planet, and the Travel Channel." Includes Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators.

This site is a valuable resource for teachers who want to make the most of today and tomorrow's technologies. You'll find some wonderful lesson ideas here!

Corleen's Page
George and Richelle Law's site supports families who are dealing with lissencephaly and other rare childhood disorders.

Computer ABC's
"This site is dedicated to teachers, parents and students who use a computer for work and play...because learning is a lifelong activity!"

Classroom Connect
Companion to the excellent magazine for Internet active educators.

Carcross Community School

"Our site offers an extensive play on the history of the Yukon Gold Rush which
students and teachers might find very useful."

Canton Public Library
Canton, Michigan

For Kids in and Around Camden, NY

The Busy Educator's Guide To The World Wide Web
Companion site to the book of the same name. This site offers a very useful free newsletter.

B.J. Pinchbeck's Homework Helper
"If you can't find it here, then you just can't find it."

BBC Education Web Guide
"The best learning resources on the Net are only a click away!" The British Broadcasting Corporation, a venerable institution, is still a leader in the field of education. This site features an ever- expanding searchable directory of educational sites. Each listed site includes a short review.

Awesome Library
This is an appropriately named world of information and links! This site is extremely well organized into many useful categories, and there's a powerful search engine to take you right to what you need.

Audio Memory
"Your whole family can sing along and learn World Geography, Grammar, States & Capitals, History, Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Fractions and Division, Bible."

A to Z Teacher Stuff
This is a site that can guide you to many useful resources with the emphasis on unit and lesson plans. There's also a professional article section, and much more.

A huge source of educational materials brought to you by Syracuse University.

Amby's Directory of Resources
This is an extremely well presented guide, aimed primarily at geniuses, educators, and animal lovers. Not necessarily in that order!

AERO - The Alternative Education Resource Organization
"AERO helps people who want to change education to a more empowering and holistic form. It helps individuals and groups of people who want to start new community schools, public and private, or change existing schools. It also provides information to people interested in homeschooling their children, or finding private or public alternative schools."

The Academy Curriculum Exchange
Here is a lesson plan gold mine!

"This is a website for kids, parents, student teachers, teachers and home schoolers. It has fun activities and learning materials for home and classroom use. Everything is printable and reproducible, free of charge. There are theme units, fun pages for kids, ideas for new and student teachers, free special orders and recommended booklists."

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