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Using a Dictionary - Definitions

Use a dictionary to look up the meanings of any words you don't know.

1. If you have a transient thought, __________.

a. you want to ride on a train
b. you want to sleep while standing up
c. you will share that thought with many people
d. you won’t remember that thought for very long

2. A redoubt is meant to provide one with __________.

a. safety
b. pink ice cream
c. a way to ask questions
d. a printed copy

3. Which of the following is most likely to have a pernicious effect on someone’s health?

a. exercise
b. sleeping
c. a cure
d. a poison

4. An affable person __________.

a. cannot drink milk without drooling
b. is almost never on time
c. is pleasant company
d. is smarter than he seems

5. Which statement is true about the word “invaluable”?

a. It is a synonym of “valuable.”
b. It means the opposite of “valuable.”
c. It only applies to hidden objects.
d. It means to eat beef with a spoon.

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