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Using a Dictionary - Meanings

Use a dictionary to look up the meanings of any words you don't know.


1. Which of these would be a spontaneous event?

a. Karen wins a hard fought chess match.
b. Bill suddenly yells out a rude comment that he hadn’t really planned on saying.
c. Ryan puts on a puppet show featuring a play he wrote for it.
d. Paul decides who to vote for after listening to both candidates speak.

2. Which word is not a synonym of “inspect”?

a. examine
b. peruse
c. scrutinize
d. disregard

3. Which action would most likely be considered to be crass?

a. apologizing for forgetting a birthday
b. sweeping the cellar stairs
c. cracking all your knuckles during church services
d. painting your house white

4. If you consider something to be intolerable, you certainly __________.

a. are ignorant
b. are not looking very hard
c. are wearing your shoes upside down
d. are not fond of it


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