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Research Skills
Volume 6, Number 7, October 23, 2000

Using a Dictionary - Meanings

Use a dictionary to help you complete the four items.


1. Guy wires __________.

a. like to date gal wires
b. carry messages for phones
c. can help hold up a tower
d. are necklaces made for men

2. What gives blue cheese its color?

a. mold
b. dye made from blueberries
c. pieces of crushed watermelon seeds
d. Real blue cheese is always white.

3. An incentive __________.

a. is a Canadian penny
b. is a rude comment about someone’s poverty
c. is a medical cure for green teeth
d. is meant to make you want to do something

4. If you make an offhand remark, you say it __________.

a. while wearing gloves
b. with sign language
c. without preparation
d. to a helper

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