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Research Skills
Volume 6, Number 5, October 10, 2000

Using a Dictionary - Meanings

Use a dictionary to help you complete the four items.


1. In order to improvise, you must __________.

a. wear clean socks
b. be a good carpenter
c. think fast and have a good imagination
d. be tall enough to reach the stove controls

2. What is pongee?

a. an indoor racket sport
b. a kind of silk cloth
c. a food made from boiled maggots
d. a very strong glue

3. A mantilla is __________.

a. a large insect
b. meant to be worn
c. a song about skunks
d. not real

4. Which of the following might be a euphemism for “lying”?

a. deliberately telling lies
b. being honest
c. singing
d. stretching the truth


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