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Research Skills
Volume 6, Number 4, October 2, 2000

Using a Dictionary - Meanings

Use a dictionary to help you complete the four items.


1. Who would most likely be given an award for valor?

a. a war hero
b. a student with the highest grades in class
c. a cheerleader with good teeth
d. a brilliant doctor

2. Where should we expect to find contention?

a. in a political debate
b. in an operating room
c. in a piece of pie
d. in a first grade music class

3. What is gorp?

a. a boring speech
b. a high energy food
c. a bad idea
d. a sound your stomach makes

4. A Shawnee is _____.

a. a book about pets
b. a car that uses natural gas
c. a North American Indian
d. the head of a hospital emergency room


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