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Research Skills
Volume 6, Number 3, September 25, 2000

Using a Dictionary - Meanings

Use a dictionary to help you complete the four items.


1. If the news you read is censored, ____________.

a. you’re not getting all the facts
b. you’re reading the complete truth
c. it’s written in more than one language
d. it tells you about disasters

2. When does litigation occur?

a. It occurs when you drink too much water.
b. It occurs when someone sues someone.
c. It occurs when leaves change color.
d. It occurs when someone loses weight.

3. You would go to your personal sanctum when you _____.

a. need to meet new friends
b. want to be with family members
c. want to be alone
d. are buying clothes

4. A potent medicine is _______.

a. powerful
b. one that doesn’t work
c. inexpensive
d. not yet ready for sale

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