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Research Skills
Volume 6, Number 16, May 1, 2001

Using a Dictionary - Meanings

Use a dictionary to help you answer or complete the four items.


1. What does “prior” mean?

a. one who peels something off
b. cuter than a green mouse
c. happening before
d. being in a hurry

2. A transient situation __________.

a. only lasts a short while
b. is very dangerous
c. can never be real
d. will cause you to lose money

3. A hilarious situation __________.

a. can make people smile or laugh
b. will make your hair fall out
c. will always make your socks sing
d. is never true to life

4. A profound statement comes from __________.

a. gas
b. thinking
c. something that was lost
d. forgetting to brush your teeth

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