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Volume 5, Number 9, November 1, 1999

This worksheet can be used as a vocabulary introduction exercise for this week’s Reading Comprehension issue.

Using a Dictionary - Vocabulary

Use a dictionary to help you make the correct choices.

1. What is denim?

a. a color
b. a style of clothing
c. a kind of cloth
d. a company that makes jeans


2. Which of the following would most people consider to be undignified behavior?

a. A minister is giving a serious sermon in church.
b. A scientist is testing a liquid to see what its ingredients are.
c. A man is shoveling snow from his driveway.
d. A speaker is sticking his tongue out at the audience.


3. A professional position, or profession, is __________.

a. a job that requires a high level of education
b. an argument about money
c. the way you stand while speaking
d. a disease that forces the victim to walk upside down


4. He asked if I’d rather eat bees or worms. I said that I’d prefer the latter. That means that I __________.

a. would like to climb high enough to avoid making a choice
b. want to eat wood
c. chose worms over bees
d. chose bees over worms


5. A profound statement __________.

a. shows a lot of thought
b. is spoken in a loud voice
c. uses unacceptable language
d. is meant to be a joke






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