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Volume 5, Number 8, October 25, 1999

Born on Halloween

All of the following people were born on October 31. Which of the four statements after each name is true? Use an encyclopedia, almanac, Web search, or other source(s) to help you make the correct choices.


1. Juliette Gordon Low, 1860

a. She was the first actress to perform in a silent movie.
b. She established the Chicago Stockyards.
c. She founded the Girl Scouts
d. She fought in the U.S. Civil War at the age of 3.

2. Willie Shaw, 1902

a. He was a race car driver who won the Indy 500 three times.
b. He was the first major league baseball player to wear a protective helmet.
c. He flew his airplane into the Empire State Building.
d. He was a football player who accidentally scored two touchdowns for the opposing team in the same game.

3. Barbara Bel Geddes, 1922

a. She played Miss Ellie on the Dallas television program.
b. She was the first congresswoman from New York City.
c. She was the first country music singer.
d. She was a sports columnist for the Washington Post.

4. Frank Shorter, 1947

a. He won an Olympic gold medal for marathon running.
b. He coached three different college basketball teams in the same year.
c. He was the top tennis player in the world in 1972.
d. He invented the paper toilet seat cover.

5. John Lucas, 1953

a. He invented the laptop computer.
b. He was an NBA basketball player.
c. He wrote and produced the Star Wars movies.
d. He founded the Burger King fast food chain.





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