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Research Skills
Volume 5, Number 7, October 18, 1999

Finding Facts

Use an encyclopedia, Web search, or other reference source(s) to help you choose the correct answers.

1. Where do pumpkins grow?

a. They grow on vines.
b. They grow on small trees.
c. They grow underground.
d. They don’t actually grow; they’re manufactured.

2. Where did Halloween originate?

a. Ireland
b. Germany
c. United States
d. Australia

3. What does the word “jack-’o-lantern” mean?

a. Raise our lantern.
b. Jack on a lantern
c. Jack of the lantern
d. Jack’s old lantern

4. There are about how many bones in a human skeleton?

a. 125
b. 200
c. 640
d. 830

5. Where does chocolate come from?

a. It comes from the tropical cacao tree.
b. It comes from specially prepared coffee beans.
c. It comes from a European mushroom.
d. It comes from the northern hershey shrub.



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