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Research Skills
Volume 5, Number 29, May 8, 2000

Assorted Facts
Use the appropriate reference sources to help you answer the questions.

1. Which U.S. President stopped the military draft (forced military service)?

a. Franklin Roosevelt
b. John Kennedy
c. Richard Nixon
d. Ronald Reagan

2. Who invented the radio?

a. Thomas Edison
b. Ted Turner
c. Alexander Graham Bell
d. Guglielmo Marconi

3. What is the stock trading symbol of the Quaker Oats Company?

b. QOC
c. OAT

4. Who was Lord Byron?

a. He designed the Tower Of London.
b. He was a famous Australian painter.
c. He built the first toilet made entirely of chocolate.
d. He was a very popular British poet.

5. Which of the following contains no sugar?

a. carrots
b. peanut oil
c. onions
d. ketchupRHL School - Free Worksheets and MoreCopyright 2000 RHL


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