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Research Skills
Volume 5, Number 26, April 3, 2000

Using a Dictionary - Definitions
Use a dictionary to help you answer the questions or complete the statements.

1. A lapidary __________.

a. is a person who works with precious stones
b. is a place that makes cheese from reindeer milk
c. is a napkin used in expensive restaurants
d. drives school buses around test tracks

2. A fishmonger __________.

a. is a chef at a seafood restaurant
b. says bad things in fish language
c. sells fish
d. runs an aquarium

3. A retrospect __________.

a. looks back at past events
b. is a tool for carving wood
c. is a breakfast food for lizards
d. is a pair of old eyeglasses

4. An intricate plan is __________.

a. illegal
b. liable to make you laugh
c. never going to work
d. not simple

5. Who is most likely to use a dory?

a. someone who is about to get married
b. someone who is afraid of feathers
c. someone who fishes
d. someone who likes to chew on wood

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