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Research Skills
Volume 5, Number 25, March 27, 2000

Using a Dictionary - Definitions
Use a dictionary to help you answer the questions or complete the statements.

1. What is another word for the legend on a map?

a. hero
b. myth
c. story
d. key

2. What is an antonym of “extol”?

a. invite
b. replace
c. condemn
d. suspend

3. What is a synonym of “crony”?

a. ancient
b. jagged
c. pal
d. repair

4. If you think a candidate's reform plan is specious, __________.

a. you hope it becomes law
b. you believe it will be expensive
c. you know it will help animals
d. you don't think it's a good idea

5. A forthright comment __________.

a. is accurate
b. never comes from the left
c. is honest
d. is always polite

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